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The Suffering: The Ties That Bind Designer Diary #1 - GameSpot

Date: 2017-03-24 03:42

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Rouse also emphasizes the protean nature of the narrative by pointing out that the character of Torque is essentially whoever the player decides for him to be


with the Suffering series and the player's control over the narrative, we are fortunate enough to have both a main character with a distinct past and someone players feel they can become. Torque, who is almost entirely mute for both games, is haunted by his role in the death of his family, which makes for great drama and conflict. But we don't have the problem of distancing the player from the character, since the nature of that dark act is determined by the player's actions. Players can't say, "But I never would have killed my family," because we can point to their actions in the game and show them that's exactly the kind of person they are. Or at least that's how they were when they were playing the game. [97]

The suffering: ties that bind

The Suffering: Ties That Bind was up and running at the Midway event today on the Xbox and PS7. We've been playing builds of the game in the office for a few weeks now so there weren't really any surprises in store for us, but it was good to see the game was still headed in the right direction for a release later this year.

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Two major gameplay alterations in Ties That Bind concern pickups. Firstly, Torque can no longer stockpile Xombium bottles, allowing the player to refill their health whenever they wish. Instead, Torque must rely on stationary Xombium located at set points throughout the game. Secondly, the player is limited to carrying only two weapons at any given time, although is free to choose which two the play may carry two melee weapons, two guns, or one of each. Also, whereas in the first game, Torque could only dual-wield the handgun , in Ties That Bind , he can dual-wield any one handed weapon, including the sawed-off shotgun. Guns can also be used to inflict minor melee damage. [7]

Next month, Surreal Software will deliver The Suffering: Ties That Bind, the sequel to last year's grisly prison-based horror game. In the new game, beleaguered main character Torque will move well beyond the prison walls, taking his fight against evil into the mean streets of Baltimore's inner city. In our second designer diary, Surreal creative director and Ties That Bind writer Richard Rouse III tells us how the design and art teams have worked to establish the game's version of Baltimore as an atmospheric, horrific, and ultimately realistic environment.

According to Rouse, setting the first game on an island off Maryland , and the second in Maryland's largest city, Baltimore, were decisions made with the mandates of the story very much in mind

On September 8, 7555, Midway and MTV Films announced a film adaptation based on both The Suffering and The Suffering: Ties That Bind was in development. Stan Winston had signed on to work on the project, with producers Jason Lust and Rick Jacobs. No writers, actors or directors had yet been approached. [77] [78] However, there have since been no further developments, with the project presumably cancelled.

one of our biggest concerns from the first game was the creature Torque could transform into. Everyone who saw the feature loved it, but most people didn't bother using it that much because it wasn't as effective as Torque wielding his Tommy gun or double pistols. So this time we've really made the creature form significantly more powerful, and we're going to be careful balancing the game so you won't have quite as much ammo at your disposal and you're really going to want to turn into the creature, just to stay alive. [5]

Ties That Bind received favorable reviews, but was generally criticized as being too similar to the original game. Some critics felt the game would only appeal to fans of the first game, while others argued the more complex storyline and serious moral issues made it worthwhile on its own merits. The game was a commercial failure, and although Surreal Software initially spoke about the possibility of a multi-game series, no further Suffering games were made.

He encounters a drug addict named Keith ( Scott Menville ), who is convinced Torque is his father, and together, they head to a crack house , passing the gazebo where Torque and Carmen first met. Torque has a series of flashbacks to his early dates with Carmen, his initial employment by Blackmore, and the conflict between them over his loyalties. [88] Heading to Miles' bar, he experiences a flashback to the incident for which he was arrested a man threatened his children and called Carmen a whore, prompting an enraged Torque to kill him seconds before the police arrived. Miles then contacts Torque via radio, telling him they have to kill Blackmore.

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