Itch crashes right after loading application lion 10 (The repopulation MacOS)

Itch crashes right after loading application lion 10

Date: 2017-05-11 11:34

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To make a bootable USB/flash drive of Sierra like the one that used to come with the MacBook Air, first name the USB drive. I’ll use mavinstall for the purposes of this article. The format should be Mac OS Extended Journaled. The installer is called Install macOS Sierra and is by default located in the /Applications directory. Inside the app bundle, there’s a new binary called createinstallmedia (nested in Contents/Resources).

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/Applications/Install\ macOS\ /Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/mavinstall --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --nointeraction

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And just like that, simple and easy-to-use documentation, available live on OS X Server, guiding you to accessing the features you need. You will need to be online to use it effectively, as this information is updated using official help documentation.

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If we used a tool like defaults, plistbuddy or plutil to manually augment one of these accounts, we’d also need to kill accountsd as we did earlier.

macOS Server (for Sierra)  comes with the /usr/sbin/serverinfo command (introduced in Mountain Lion Server). The serverinfo command is useful when programmatically obtaining information about the very basic state of an Apple Server.

The output indicates whether the system is running as a server or just has the app installed (. if you’re using it to connect to another server:

Using this binary you can create an installation drive (similar to what we used to do with InstallESD). To do so, specify the –volume to create the drive on (note that the target volume will be erased), the path of the Install macOS Sierra app bundle and then we’re going to select –nointeraction so it just runs through the whole thing

For the purposes of this example, we’re setting up an entirely new Open Directory environment. At the “Configure Network Users and Groups” screen, click on “Create a new Open Directory Domain” and click on the Next button.

If you killall accountsd then wait (this is slower than doing a killall of DirectoryService was), you’ll then see and be able to use this new directory node:

A bootable installer is one of the fastest ways to install a Mac. Rather than copy the installer to a local drive you can run it right off a USB disk (or Thunderbolt if you dare). Such a little USB drive would be similar to the sticks that came with the older MacBook Air, when we were all still sitting around wondering how you would ever install the OS on a computer with no optical media or Ethernet otherwise. Luckily, Apple loves us.

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