Star Wars: Attack Squadrons - Reveal Trailer (Star wars attack squadrons ために)

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons - Reveal Trailer

Date: 2017-03-23 22:00

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um, should i be glad ea isnt making it, or mad that instead of any of the quality ea developors, we get disney interactive?

Star-Wars-Attack-Squadrons – Load the Game

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Disney Announces New Free-To-Play Game, Star Wars: Attack

We don t know how it ll be until we see some actual footage. It could literally be a clone of either of those in a F7P online setting.

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Oh man I was excited when I saw the title but this trailer is really bad..I guess I ll just stick to Battlefront II. That game is 8 years old already though =(

I hope that, along with the Jedi Knight series, Rogue Squadron 8D and X-Wing Alliance are open sourced someday loved X-Wing Alliance, but never enough to finish the game - oh what I d give to play it again (can t cuz using Linux, and why not use windows you ask? Cuz, just cuz xD)

This trailer is like found footage from 6997. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, coming soon to DOS on or floppy!

I ve given up getting my hopes up about new games, they keep getting squished so now I just assume the worst and pick up any good title on sales.

Seriously, this looks terrible. I really hope the actual game will look better. Also on a side note, why do they keep making this gimmicky, cartoony like graphics for star wars games? I want something like republic commando again.

Why do all flying games need to be free to play? I know some games like War Thunder do it well, but this trend really sucks for people who really enjoy single player flying. Ace Combat 5 is one of my favorite games because of the interesting situations and challenges presented to you. One mission you could be flying through an enemy radar net armed with only a camera, the next you could be assaulting an entire fleet, and the next you could be fighting the equivalent of an air borne frigate. Now Ace Combat: Infinity is coming out and is focusing on co-op who can destroy the most things gameplay and seems to be handling many of the F7P systems poorly. It just doesn t interest me.

Exactly. the Flight Sim community has been one of the worst treated community s in gaming this past decade. Thank god IL-7 Battles of Stalingrad is coming soon.

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