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O = No, the name 8775 Ohgee 8776 comes from an old cartoon character. She was the little girl in the cartoon Magilla Gorilla who used to say 8775 ohgee 8776 in a cute voice. I just liked the way she used to say it.

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O = Each state has their own set of requirements. You usually need to have a college BA degree in teaching and a specialize in a particular subject (math, science, etc.). You also have to take state test.

SocioTown: The Uninvited Guests - get rid of the people

O = The Dis boards is a forum based on Disney. I used to play a game called VMK that made you feel as if you were in Disneyland.

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Oh, it s designed after my favorite part of a party cleaning up trash after the party that I m not invited to and being hounded by an impatient woman. Interface was too slow to keep it interesting.

If you violate any of these rules you will be banned. If you have been banned, please send us a modmail noting which rule(s) you broke and including a dinosaur that you drew. We will then happily unban you (unless it was a repeat offense or done with obvious malicious intent). Please also report any comments or posts that you feel violate these rules.

Please do not be afraid to message the moderators for whatever reason. We re here to help and we don t bite!

In the upper grades I also have my students create podcasts, vodcasts,  contribute to a wiki and a blog and even create their own web pages. I am really proud of how far they have come over the years.

iii - Harassment, threats, or incitations of violence consists of continuous aggression or intimidation, as well as threatening to inflict harm upon someone or making them feel as though their life is in danger.

O = When you see the light bulb go on in their eyes when they learn something new, THAT is the reason I became a teacher. The students 8767 natural curiosity and willingness to try new things makes it all worthwhile.

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