XBOX360 実績解除スレまとめ @wiki - 海外タイトル(A~G) (Fairytale fights wiki)

XBOX360 実績解除スレまとめ @wiki - 海外タイトル(A~G)

Date: 2017-05-17 09:04

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XBOX360 実績解除スレまとめ @wiki - Fairytale Fights

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The axe is a tool used for many activities. Its uses include cutting wood, knocking down doors in emergencies, and rending your enemies limb from limb without mercy or regret.

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The liquid of life for practically all beings. In games, most commonly found outside the body and can be found in a pooled, spilled, dried, fresh or splattered state. This page is for games that actually have blood as an obtainable object.

Considered one of the most frequent and controversial implements of destruction in video games and real life, guns are devices that fire projectiles with explosive force.

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