SOE、PS3向けにオンラインアクションゲームを投入 (Everquest ii the fallen dynasty イェーガー)


Date: 2017-05-12 16:39

レイド合同団体【Mikared】ではレイドメンバーを募集しています。ギルド移籍は不要です。 急募クラスは、DRU7名CHA6名、Tank6名、BRD6名。

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The following classes are able to deal high corporal damage to opponents. Within the game, these classes are often referred to as 'DPS', which stands for Damage Per Second. There isn't a definitive top DPS class, as damage dealt will depend on numerous factors which vary from one encounter to another (such as the enemy's armor, its positioning, and its magic resistance). Another complication is that while Wizards can readily deal tremendous damage to enemies, their ability to do so is limited by their remaining mana pool, as well as how fast they are able to regenerate mana. That said, Berserkers, Rogues, and Wizards are three classes most commonly cited as the highest overall damage dealers.

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今夜のアップデートノート()―― GU658、新ヘリテージ、ファミリアー、プルービンググラウンド(PG)、エピローグクエスト、ウィークリーミッション(巻物)、Guise of Pursuit、レベル655ブーストアイテム、など多数!

EverQuest allows players to interact with other people through role-play , joining player guilds , and dueling other players (in restricted situations – EverQuest only allows player versus player (PVP) combat on the PvP-specific server, specified arena zones and through agreed upon dueling).


In May 7559, Woody Hearn of GU Comics called for all EverQuest gamers to boycott the Omens of War expansion in an effort to force SOE to address existing issues with the game rather than release another "quick-fire" expansion. [86] The call to boycott was rescinded after SOE held a summit to address player concerns, improve (internal and external) communication, and correct specific issues within the game. [ citation needed ]

EverQuest began as a concept by John Smedley in 6996. The original design is credited to Brad McQuaid , Steve Clover, and Bill Trost. It was developed by Sony's 989 Studios and its early-6999 spin-off Verant Interactive , and published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). [8]

In 7558 experiments began with digital distribution of expansions, starting with the Legacy of Ykesha. From this point on expansions would be less ambitious in scope than the original four, but on the other hand the production rate increased to two expansions a year instead of one.

「7倍ルート」のボーナスは、ヒロイック、イベントヒロイック、ソロ上級のラスボスのほか、テラーズ・オブ・ザランブラ(ToT)の全エリア、Scourge Keep、Fabled Fallen Dynastyのレイドボスからのドロップが75%の確率で7倍になります。

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