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Date: 2017-05-22 12:34

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Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime review video (DS)

Fluffy, entertaining, and conceptually novel from start to finish, Rocket Slime is one of the best games on the Nintendo DS, and fills an action-adventure void on the system. While the tank battles aren’t likely to spark a Pokemon-esque wireless battle revolution and the quest wouldn’t stand up next to a true Zelda game, Rocket Slime remains a fun, well-crafted game that’s sure to entertain most anyone. 8776

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A surprisingly fun adventure and awesome tank battles make this quest worth playing. Find out why in this Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime video review.

To quote the video review: 8775 On the whole, Rocket Slime is a lot of fun, but comes up short in a few minor areas. The simplicity of the game’s mechanics is perhaps its most obvious drawback endlessly stretching and snapping can feel a bit repetitive after a while. The game isn’t terribly long, either, and it’s never particularly challenging. And while the tank battles are surprising deep, the single-player combat is easy enough that any extra effort feels wasted if you don’t have a friend to challenge.

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In DRAGON QUEST HEROES: The World Tree&rsquo s Woe and the Blight Below, the protagonists must rise up against seemingly insurmountable odds, facing off against swarms of enemies and gigantic monsters in an exhilarating action game. Filled with characters and monsters designed by world-renowned artist Akira Toriyama, DRAGON QUEST HEROES: The World Tree&rsquo s Woe and the Blight Below will be available on PC in beautiful HD graphics.

The hero of this action-adventure is a slime — one of the most popular monsters from the Dragon Quest series. Square Enix 8767 s Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime is set in the kingdom of Slimenia, a peaceful land that is suddenly invaded by a mysterious cartel called 8775 the Plob, 8776 who then proceed to kidnap all the slimes in the capital city of Boingburg. Our protagonist, Rocket, is the only slime left behind, and must embark on a journey throughout Slimenia to save his friends and uncover the Plob 8767 s nefarious plot.

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