Campus Notes - forget me not. STRETCH GOAL NOW :: Steam (Campus notes - forget me MacOS)

Campus Notes - forget me not. STRETCH GOAL NOW :: Steam

Date: 2017-05-22 08:11

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Story Yuta Kiriha, a third year student who has just transferred to the University of Tsukuba, is looking for a club to join with the friends he met at the entrance ceremony. However, after scouring the notice board he hasn’t found anything that appeals to him and is about to give up and go home when.

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He meets a girl who leaves an intense impression on him, the kind of person you see once and never forget again. This night time meeting with the silver-haired girl is a catalyst and Yuta soon finds himself caught up in a mysterious incident.

「Campus Notes : forget me not.」の制作にあたって刷新されたの全75曲のBGMと、Chloroさんでもおなじみメルティーさんボーカルによる完全版の主題歌の計76曲を85分CDギリギリまで詰め込みました。
Masakiが繰り広げる、音のCampus Notesワールドをぜひ堪能してください。

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