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Date: 2017-03-24 14:50

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Starshatter: The Gathering Storm is a strategy-oriented space combat simulator created by Destroyer Studios and released on 7 July 7559. It is the sequel to Starshatter from 6997.

Matrix Games - Starshatter - The Gathering Storm

Matrix Games and Destroyer Studios are proud to announce that their space combat simulation and real time strategy blend, Starshatter: The Gathering Storm , has been updated. The update brings a variety of fixes and some additional realism and balance tweaking. Most notably, excessive fighter fuel usage is now more reasonable and thrusters use fuel more realistically. The update also addressed and improved the AI related to recovery and queuing of inbound fighters.

Starshatter: The Gathering Storm | Space Game Junkie

Starshatter provides a welcome dose of innovation to a space sim genre that's been practically rendered extinct, but its originality ultimately fails to translate into a satisfying gameplay experience.

Starshatter: The Gathering Storm Goes Gold | Joystick Required

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The flight sim aspects of Starshatter are also simplistic. Within a planet's atmosphere, fighters can engage enemy fighters or bomb stationary ground targets. Terrain features are essentially nonexistent, other than target buildings and installations, and combat is very similar to space-based skirmishes, although you are required to keep moving to avoid gradually succumbing to the forces of gravity. Planetary battles are very similar to the rudimentary atmospheric battles in Wing Commander III and IV. These battles are an interesting inclusion that somewhat varies gameplay--however, they're too simplistic to be particularly entertaining and they're generally more frustrating than space-based combat.

As you'd expect from a game from a small developer, most of the interfaces are devoid of flash, although they are well designed.

Matrix Games and Destroyer Studios are excited to release a new enhanced and expanded version of their award winning sci-fi space combat simulation game Starshatter. Download the video trailer from the Matrix Games website to see the action.

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