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Date: 2017-05-21 23:24

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Blocked users may still read pages, but they cannot create, edit, or move pages, nor can they upload files. In general, all additional user rights (deletion, protecting, assign user rights) will be disabled for the duration of the block, but this does not apply to block/unblocking abilities. Any user that has blocking and unblocking abilities will be able to use them during their block (which allows them to unblock themselves).

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There is no need to protect pages like user/ or user/. Only the accounts associated with these pages (and admins) are able to edit them. (For more information on using these pages, see Help:User style )

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Sometimes it is necessary for a single revision to be deleted, rather than the whole page. This is useful when a user adds personal or sensitive information, such as access keys and passwords. If you see this, revert it immediately, and hide the revision. The Delete/undelete revisions page can be accessed through the history page.

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I am a person. I like wikis because they are helpful, and let you help other people. If you want to know something else, then ask me.

It works similarly to the HTML markup sequence: [ & nbsp & bull ], that is, a non-breaking space, a bullet and a normal space.

Pages can also be cascade protected, this will cause all images, pages, or templates transcluded onto the page to be fully protected, even if the main article is only semi-protected.

New anti-radiation drugs being developed in the fortified GH Medical building? Maybe. But whatever they are, someone wants them. And someone else wants to keep them where they are. A paradox: the things that must stay are the things that must be taken. To resolve, just add Mercenaries.

Quick_Slash decreases the attack duration by 75% and is a modifier to the attack duration. This results in % higher DPS.

Click "block this user" to apply the block. All blocks are recorded in the block log , and all currently active blocks are listed at the list of active blocks.

The Wiki guardian status is granted by Gamepedia's Claim a Wiki process. It comes with the same permission set as the normal administrator status but is in general granted at the very early stages of a wiki's existence, or because of a lack of an existing editorial community.

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